Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it February yet?

Or better still...is it March yet??

Gah, I'm getting soooo anxious to start on my mission papers!!! Six months from today, I might be in the MTC!!! And I've got almost 3 whole months saved up, woohoo!! Only 15...more...to...go...I can do it, think those positive thoughts!!

Anywho, I think I'm officially the worst blogger ever. To be honest, I've decided to go the more traditional route and have been writing in my old-fashioned journal the last few weeks. But I'm back, and I'll try to do a better job at posting on this thing!

Christmas was amazing this year!! This is my favorite time of the year. Everything about it makes me so happy!! It was especially fun this year, because someone (we have no idea who!) did the 12 days of Christmas for our family!! On the first night, the bell rang, and when we went to answer the door, no one was there, but a honey ham and a golf tee were sitting on our doormat! Every night leading up to Christmas Day, we found a new surprise from our "true friends!" Some of the other surprises included two bells, five cinnamon rolls (yummy!), six scented candles, eight cups of eggnog, and a CD of 10 Christmas carols! And on Christmas Eve, we found a musical Christmas nativity and "a lot of love for my family!" Our "true friends" added a whole lot of fun and joy to our Christmas this year!!

Most of all, I'm grateful for the best Christmas gift of all, the gift of my Savior!! And this is what the season is all about!

I hope your Christmas was excellent!! And we only have two more days of 2009 left!! Can you believe it?! Hope 2010 is full of blessings...let's make it the best year yet!! :)

Love you all!!


Lyndee said...

Yeah! Congrats on starting your papers soon! YEAH!!!! YEAH! I am glad you had a good Christmas...I miss you!

Natalie said...

a mission?!?!?! YAYYYYYY!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!