Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy December!!

So I'm pretty much bursting with joy and happiness right now...Mom just finished her first lesson with the sister missionaries!! It was soooo great! Sister Allan and Sister Prince are the sweetest!! We read a couple of scriptures, and they talked about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong, it was amazing! :) The sisters must've thought the lesson was going well, too, because they asked my mom if she wants to be baptized! She said not yet, but we're going to try the family ward next Sunday! I'm sooo excited!

Anywho, I know I haven't posted in forever...sorry!! It's been a little crazy the last few weeks, and Christmas is right around the corner! I lovelovelove Christmas...everything about it gives me those lovely warm 'n' fuzzies.

Hope your December is off to a good start! :)


Cyn said...

So cool! We'll watch for you at church tomorrow. Maybe we can sit together! Loves!

Lyndee said...

YEAH for your mom I am so excited for her! I will keep her in my prayers!

Katie said...

girl that is so awesome about your mom!!! and i'm so glad i got to see you a few days ago:) you're amazing. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! love you.