Thursday, October 15, 2009

Call Me Irresponsible

Woohoo, I've made it to 11 months!! I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since my baptism...crazy!

I like making lists; it makes me feel very accomplished when I can check something off as done. :) Sooo here are some goals I hope to accomplish over the next few weeks up until my favorite day on the calendar.

  • Go to the temple at least once a week. Attending the temple regularly is something I need to work on. I love the temple, but I guess I just find myself "too busy" to go, or "too this" or "too that" or whatever. By the way, most Americans think that "whatever" is the most annoying word to ever be put in our vocabulary. What do you think? Kind of a funny story, I was getting ready to go to the temple one night, after having been maybe a week or so before, and my mom asked what I'd be doing there. I told her I was going to do baptisms, and she went, "a-GAIN???" (I don't know if she said it that loud, but it sounded pretty loud to me, haha.) I really do love the temple, and I want to make it a part of my life...I don't want it to seem like a big deal or an event whenever I go, I just want to go.
  • Get the nerve up to ask my mom if she wants to talk to the missionaries. We'd talked a little bit about the possibility before the move, and she said "maybe." I wonder if that's another one of the most annoying's not yes but it's not no, it's just in between.
  • Be a better example, especially to my family. This one's on-going. Chris definitely keeps me on my toes, especially with the WoW...if I pull out a Coke, he yells out, "Bad Mormon!!" haha, oh brother. :)
  • Speak up more in Sunday School and RS.
  • Make a major decision about my mission. This may or may not be accomplished by November 15....we'll see. The major decision being when to put in my papers. My savings account is looking pretty sad right now, so I'm thinking I won't have the $10,000 I'll need by March...or April...or May...or June (I don't know when exactly I would have to have the money...but you get the idea). So I may go ahead and just wait until closer to my 22nd parents would be a lot happier, and it would give me a little more time to prepare myself. Again, we'll see.

I wish I had more goals, but my brain is not working for me right now. If I think of more, I'll add them, and if you have any thoughts, I'd be happy to hear them! :)

I love you all, and I'm so grateful for my friends. I hope y'all know how much I appreciate each of you.

P.S. I have a job interview tomorrow; please pray for me!!

P.S.S. The title has nothing to do with this post. It's been a weird few days and I just have Michael Buble going through my head.


Madison said...

girlfriend you do not need ten grand to go on a mission!! its only 400 a month, and the church will help you! I am only paying for 4 grand of my mission since my family isn't helping. GO ON A MISSION! WOOOOOOOO and write me

Rebecca said...

Seriously?! Phew, that makes me feel loads better!! March feels like ages away, I was wondering how in the world I could wait for 2011, haha! Oh, I will definitely be writing you...less than two weeks!! Are you ready?!

Katie said...

I love love love you girl! You are seriously one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met.

P.S. I am trying to go to the temple more often, too. Maybe we should try to go together?

Lyndee said...

Oh you are so so cute! I love your list! I can't believe it has been a year too! Time flies! I am so excited you are thinking of a mission! I have to wait till July when I am done with school, so if you must wait I will wait with you! Good luck with your intereview, I will pray for you! Love ya!!!