Sunday, September 27, 2009

Counting down!!


General Conference is in...SIX DAYS!!!! And guess what the topic was for the talks in sacrament meeting today?? Hmmyuppers. How to prepare for conference. Here's my list of what I'll be doing to prepare!!

Before Conference...

  • Pray for the speakers, so that they will be guided by the Spirit, as well as for myself, so that I can be ready to hear what they have to say.
  • Fast. I'm thinkin' Wednesday will be a good day...
  • Buy a notebook/journal so that I can take scrupulous notes. (I love that word..."scrupulous.")
  • Write down some questions that I hope to have answered next weekend.
  • Meet with the bishop...
  • Invite my mom to watch a session.
During Conference...
  • Get up early, get dressed up, and go to the stake center to watch the sessions.
  • Pray some more.
  • Pay attention!!
  • Take scrupulous notes. :) Also, write down any personal goals I would like to accomplish over the next six months.
After Conference...
  • Apply it!!
  • Share what I learned with my family.
  • Write a post about what I got from the sessions.
  • Give an issue of the November '09 Ensign (when it's available) to one of my friends.
  • Review my notes frequently.
So what are you doing to get ready for Conference???

I'm still getting used to my new ward. I think it's going to be awhile before I feel like it's "my ward." I've met a few people, and they seem nice. But so many people talk and text and other things during the meeting...which is a little frustrating when you're trying to focus. Remember in Pride and Prejudice, Mormon version? "I'm trying to feel the Spirit!!" ha! Anywho, I think I met the bishop today, but I'm not positive...I told him who I was, but he didn't tell me who he was. So...I guess for now I'll just assume he's the bishop.

When I came home after church today, Mom said I didn't seem as happy. "You're always so happy when you get back from church." *sigh* I guess I'm just really missing 5th Ward. Hopefully it'll get easier the more I go.


Katie said...

Well we love and miss you! But the church is true no matter where you are:) Also...I'm glad you mentioned fasting and praying for our leaders to have the Spirit with them...I had overlooked that! Come back and visit every once in a while:)

Lyndee said...

Oh Rebecca! We do miss you dearly in 5th ward, but just remeber the church is true where ever you go, that is the beauty of it! You will have to pay us a visit sometime! I am so glad you were in our ward! These are awesome ways to prepare for conference! Thanks for the tips. Some things I try to do is only listen and watch church prodcued music and T.V. shows the week before to bring the spirit in! I loved your fun word to describe taking notes. I LOVE CONFERENCE! You are amazing, and I hope you enjoy conference!!!