Monday, August 24, 2009

Yay! Eep. Yay!

So I start training for my new job exactly one week from today. Woohoo!! I am waywayway excited!!! It's funny, I'd actually wanted to go to school at GCU, but it's a private, Christian school and the tuition didn't look as pocketbook-friendly as ASU's. I never would've thought I'd still get to go there, albeit not in the way I'd thought, haha. One thing that has me excited is that I'll be able to get 100% tuition covered if I take classes at GCU!! I'm looking at their Master's of Science in Leadership. Decisions, decisions...we'll see what happens!

I will admit, though, even though I'm still super excited about my new job, the jitters are starting to do a dance in my stomach. I worry about the silliest things, too. Probably the biggest thing that has me nervous, though, is the fact that I'm going to be driving from Mesa (newsflash! we're moving on August 31. the same day i start training. perfect timing, lol.) to 24th Ave. and Peoria. As I said in the previous post, I just got my license on Friday. I've only driven on the freeway twice, in light traffic, so I'm sure I'll be saying my prayers the whole time I'm on the road (with my eyes open of course, haha). If you want to say some prayers for me, too, I'd really appreciate it! I'm sure I'll need all the protection I can get!