Saturday, February 28, 2009

Time for an update...

Oh boy, I really need to do a better job at posting on this thing, don't I? I guess there hasn't really been anything too exciting to write about...sorry! I've been keeping busy with school and church stuff, and spring break is only a week away, yay!!!

I do have some pretty big news. My family is planning on moving in a month or so. Luckily, we'll still be staying in the valley, so it won't be too big of a change and I'll still be close to all of my wonderful new friends! We haven't found a place yet, but we're looking at either staying in Scottsdale or finding a place in Mesa (Mormonville, yeah!!). The only thing I'm worried about is that I might have to go to a different ward. :( But I'm sure that whatever happens, it'll all work out. :)

I'm going to my favorite place to do baptisms tonight with some girlfriends, yay! When I told my mom what I was planning on doing, I got to share with her a little bit about the Plan of Salvation...hooray, missionary moments! I don't know how well I explained it to her, but I tried, haha. I wish I was more articulate when expressing my beliefs. Hopefully practice and lots of prayer will help with that.


Jesse said...

That's what it takes, lots of practice and lots of prayer. You're doing a very good job so far though :)

You'll only have to go to a different ward if your new house is south of Apache or Main, but otherwise I think you'd still be in 5th Ward. But whatever ward you're in I know you'll love it :)

Lyndee said...

oh I am glad you are moving but try as hard as possible to stay in our ward. I will miss you way way too much! Haha no I will always love you even if you do move to another ward. I love the Temple. I am so proud of you sharing the wonderful plan of salvation with your mom. It really is the happiest and best thing ever. Love ya! I hope you have a great spring break!