Monday, October 13, 2008

It's funny how it works out sometimes...

As is often the case, when I almost decide not to go to church for various reasons but end up going anyway, it turns out that getting out of the house for a bit, feeling the Spirit, and laughing with my girlfriends is exactly what I need to start a new week with a smile on my face.

I started to freak out on Saturday night, because I ended up having more homework than I'd originally thought I had at the beginning of the weekend (don't you just love it when that happens? haha). So pretty much all Saturday night and all Sunday morning, I was debating whether or not I should stay home and get my homework done. I'd been especially looking forward to this Sunday in particular, as it was Testimony Meeting, and I hadn't been to one of those since May...and Marvelous Madison had invited me to have "pirate stew" at her place afterwards. I decided, though, that I would probably feel worse if I didn't go to church. So I went...and I'm so glad I did!! I loved hearing everyone share their testimonies. And dinner at Madi's was super fun! The pirate stew was delicious, and when we were done eating, we watched the LDS version of Pride and Prejudice. It was super cute!!

And now for the best part!! When I got home, I was finishing up a final paper for my BIS 301 class that was due tonight at midnight. I got most of it done last night, but I wasn't feeling too confident about it. My teacher had asked us to bring a hard copy of our final draft to this morning's class with us, so that we could do a final peer review. When he was passing out the sheet with the stuff we were supposed to be focusing on, he said there was a surprise. I started reviewing my paper and wasn't paying attention to the surprise, but then Chris turns to me and says, "Did you see what the surprise is?!" Our teacher had extended the due date to tomorrow at noon!!!

Now just think how I would've felt when hearing that if I hadn't gone to church...haha!